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Sanskrit is the perfectly refined language of Yoga and Ayurveda, and is the mother language of India. It is thought to be divinely given; in fact, ancient seers believed that Sanskrit is a sacred language that speaks directly to the soul. Therefore, even if the mind does not understand the meaning of Sanskrit, the essence is transferred through the vibrations of the words themselves.


The premise held by the ancient rishis is this: all of manifestation and every experience that can be had is vibration. And vibration is sound. Sanskrit is formed in such a way that when one says a word in Sanskrit, one is actually just reproducing the same vibration that already exists in the object that is being described. In other words, when you say a Sanskrit word, you are actually manifesting the object that you are talking about in vibration form. 

This means that those who take the time to learn Sanskrit are sure to feel its vibrational effect on the subtle body, whether through chanting mantras or Vedic texts. Long before she ever began to formally study Sanskrit, Lexa had direct and extraordinary experiences of healing and transformation simply from chanting Sanskrit verses. She has found that the exploration into Sanskrit is really a path of Self-exploration.

Lexa’s Sanskrit offerings are an invitation to go beyond merely reading works in translation and instead to be active participants in the language rather than outside observers. Her intention is to show students that the study of Sanskrit is a beautiful spiritual practice in and of itself. Lexa guides students in learning proper pronunciation of Sanskrit, becoming proficient at reading and writing the Devanagari script, and understanding rules of Sanskrit grammar. She hopes to give students the skills and confidence to read and translate classic Sanskrit prayers and texts in their original form so that they can be experienced in their fullest capacity. 


After all, translation is both a form of Yoga and a meditation in itself. 

Translation is a bridge between mind and heart, and it is only by coming into the heart that the Self can be truly known.

For those who are ready to dive into the study of Sanskrit, Lexa offers private Sanskrit study, small group classes and occasional full-day and weekend immersions. 

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