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Yoga is a deeply spiritual practice meant to bring about self-realization and higher states of consciousness. There are many layers to the Yoga practice that go well beyond the physical. Whether through postures, breathwork, meditation or philosophy, Yoga has the potential to create true and lasting well-being of both the physical and subtle body. In Lexa's teachings, she incorporates the higher aspects of Yoga rather than exclusively focusing on physical postures. Therefore, in her asana classes expect to not only move your body and shift your energy but also learn about Vedic teachings, experience the power of mantra and enjoy the sweetness of meditation. There are two ways to practice with Lexa:

Private Sessions

Individual constitution, state of mind, stage of life, physical ability and personal interests all play a role in determining the type of Yoga practice that we need and want. However, sometimes we need guidance to learn how to do the practice we are seeking. This is the precise purpose of private Yoga; it is the best way to experience Yoga in a way that is safe and appropriate for you.

Private sessions are designed to complement the physical, mental and pranic condition of the student. Drawing from traditional yoga practices, Lexa employs carefully sequenced postures, yogic breathing, mantra and meditation, with the incorporation of Ayurvedic elements to provide a greater possibility for healing at the deepest level.

Public Classes

Public classes are a great way to experience the group energy that builds through a shared practice and connect to a community of like-minded people. Lexa teaches regular weekly classes as well as special events throughout the year, all of which can be found on the Offerings page.

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