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Honoring the Divine Feminine

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

As I was driving the other day and witnessing the beauty of Mother Earth as she begins to change seasons, I suddenly felt completely overwhelmed by the presence of the Divine Feminine everywhere I looked. Sometimes referred to as shakti, this energy is all around us and deep within us, but only some have actually tapped in to its powers. It is plain to see this force in nature, from the voluptuous gourds that are popping up at markets everywhere to the beautiful full moon we had just over a week ago, but it’s not always so easily felt inside. The process of awakening to our Divine Feminine power has increasingly become a focus of my study, daily sadhana and plans for group offerings. I believe that it is time to pay homage to this grace rather than dismissing it, to open our eyes to it and invite it in.

In shakti is the power of the entire universe. It is the pulse of life. In the words of Vamadeva Shastri (Dr. David Frawley), shakti is the underlying source behind all the forces of nature from physical forces like electro-magnetism to spiritual energies like the Kundalini. To not understand it, or worse yet, to not embrace it is to deny a fundamental part of ourselves that is meant to be our guiding light. It is our highest potential, and it is time to awaken to it.

I’ve spent three consecutive summers doing a week-long women’s retreat, where I have shed tears, found new freedoms, and healed immensely. I’ve spent much time studying Tantra in my trainings and studies at home and in India, which has opened my eyes to the power of the Goddess and helped me to surrender to her protection while reclaiming my own strength. I have taken to staying in tune with the cycles of the moon, as this represents the Divine Feminine in Vedic thought. The moon holds such beauty and space, and allows for a softness that compliments the fierce side of shakti, and keeping with her rhythms helps me to stay in physical and mental harmony. My next step is to advance my studies with a focus on women’s health from an Ayurvedic perspective, to help heal, energize, and awaken the female body, mind and spirit.

As I think of all the females in my life, I realize just how amazing it is that so many women I know are stepping into their power and shining so brightly. My friends are doing such amazing things; they are psychotherapists, music therapists and massage therapists, teachers of all kinds, healers on many levels, single mothers, married women, singers, doctors, pilots, philanthropists, administrators and psychologists. They are not afraid to be who they are, nor are they willing to live without leaving a mark on the world. I see them around me and hold them all in my heart, as they are truly inspirational. We all are, when we refuse to be held back by fear and instead follow our passions. We are all forces of nature, and should hold each other up rather than tear each other down. It is time for every one of us to recognize this energy within us. It is time to honor the Divine Feminine, in every pair of eyes that we meet.  The time is now.

Jai ma!


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