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In fullness

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

om pūrnamadah pūrnamidam pūrnātpūrnamudachyate

pūrnasya pūrnamādāya pūrnamevāvashishyate

om shānti shānti shānti

This beautiful prayer from the Upanishads comes to my mind every full moon. It serves as a reminder of the ever-present fullness: of the moon, of the Self, and of the moment.

The moon is always full; it is only our perception of it that makes it seem as though it sometimes isn’t. She is always there in her full glory; we just need to tune in to her energy.

We are always full; it is only by some warped sense of self that we feel inadequate. We are not lacking. We are enough. Our true Self is beyond all physical and mental limitations; we are pure loving awareness.

The moment is always full, but we are usually in some other time or place in our mind. This is the only moment there is; be here now.

It is only by recognizing the fullness of it all that we can find peace.

Happy purnima!


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