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Summer Solstice

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Today marks the summer solstice; the longest day of the year. This makes a great time to honor the Sun through ritual, offerings, and mantra. The Sun represents the light of consciousness as well as agni, or the sacred fire. It is through this divine light that we are inspired, transformed and awakened. What better time than on the solstice to bring light into our heart?

The mantra that I often use to honor the Sun is OM HRĪM HAMSA SOHAM SVAHA! This is known as the Paramjyoti mantra, or the mantra to the supreme light. Since the northern hemisphere is most aligned with the rays of the Sun at the summer solstice, then we who live in the north should use this auspicious day to do sādhana. After all, the Sun is our source of prāna and light, giving us the energy and inspiration to connect to spirit. The Paramjyoti mantra reminds us that our true nature is Divine, and it honors the Sun with the solar bīja hrīm. Chant this mantra and feel its vibration in your body and mind, and let it help awaken you to the light at your core.


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